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Living Ahimsa Meditation

Early morning or evening for 30 minutes.

Mantra for Living Ahimsa Meditation: OM

‘OM’ is the core primordial cosmic sound. Keeping count with a mala (prayer beads), recite the mantra ‘OM’ audibly as you move your fingers from bead to bead. Do not rush the mantra. Repeat slowly and deliberately, keeping the same tempo throughout the practice. When you complete 108 recitations of the mantra, you will arrive at the end of one rotation of the mala, which is usually marked by a hanging bead, and/or tassel.

Repeat the mantra for one full rotation again. This time around, be alert to your thoughts. When one appears, take a moment to do the following brief affirmation:

I acknowledge the thought;
I hold my thoughts in the cosmic space of ahimsa.

Immediately move on with the deliberate and audible recitation of the mantra.

If thoughts continue to arise, acknowledge them as they come up, and repeat the above-noted affirmation. Then continue on with the mantra until you complete the second rotation of the beads.

After completing two rounds of recitation, place the beads in your prayer pouch, release your hands and lay them in your lap. Sit and bear witness to the energy field you created through the practice of this mantra. Observe stillness within and the quietude around you. Let the mind float. Sit as long as you can until the thoughts begin to flow again.


  • Living Ahimsa Daily Meditation and Contemplation teach you to invoke your inner witness-self and to be accountable to your purpose.
  • You discover how to accommodate the inevitable.
  • You learn to cultivate a strong sense of awareness through being conscious of your thought process.
  • Less-than-peaceful thoughts will arise in and out of meditation. Accept this as a natural occurrence.
  • Acknowledge any bothersome thought and adhere to your daily affirmation: I hold each though in the cosmic space of ahimsa.
  • You learn to become the witness of life, and not the engager.
  • In this practice you learn that you do not have to be in control of each and every situation.
  • You experience a progressive shift toward more leisure of mind.
  • You invest in cultivating an informed trust in the Divine Energy.
  • You recognize situations for what they are.
  • You begin to cultivate a sense of objectivity.
  • You respond with awareness in all situations
  • The solution to a challenge becomes clear.

Note: (This article is excerpted from Maya Tiwari’s book, Abundance: From Feast to Fast- published by Mother Om Media, 2010). The Living Ahimsa Meditation practice is a copyrighted program. It is intended for your personal use. Public presentation of this program is strictly prohibited except by permission from Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.

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