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You are in harmony with the universe when...

  • You contemplate a situation before acting on it.
  • You tend to stand back to properly assess a challenge rather than jumping into it.
  • You rely on the lessons of past experience to respond to life, rather than pull on the habits of fear and insecurity.
  • You recognize the beauty of every moment, regardless.
  • You look inward first for your solutions.
  • You blame no-one else for your mishaps.
  • You avoid conflicts.
  • Little things bring you joy.
  • You see humor in awkward and uncomfortable situations.
  • Laughter comes easily.
  • You show your love and respect for nature at all times.
  • You seek out the light in all of its myriad forms.
  • You convert worries into introspection.
  • You demonstrate a sense of care and compassion at all time.
The following verses are gleaned from Maya Tiwari's book, The Seven Laws of Ahimsa (soon to be released) where she offers a daily contemplative guide to living in harmony, health and happiness. References to Living Ahimsa® Daily Contemplation excerpts and quotes may be made in other publications and other websites provided the context clearly refers to the Maya Tiwari as the author of the work with this attribution containing a link back to the web site.
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