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This action is not a "Vow" as we know it. So often, we make vows and break them only to suffer the recrimination of guilt and sorrow afterward. This action is a Sankalpa (sacred intention) and it is meant to awaken the inner witness, Sakshi, so that we glean awareness in our thoughts, speech and action. Living Ahimsa is a powerful way to train the mind to observe its thought process. In this way, we gain control of our actions and determine how we respond to challenges and all things that come our way. Indeed, invoking this Sankalpa brings immediate awareness to support the mind, and therefore the quality of the life we live. As Mother would say, "You may make a Sankalpa to not respond angrily, and yet you might not be able to curb your anger. Having taken the Vow of Ahimsa, you become "aware" of the fact that you're responding in anger, (I'm aware that I'm angry" or "I' aware that I'm not exercising my power of ahimsa"). This is precisely the power of awareness that allows us to see ourselves in real time. As a result, we are able to change, transform our human process with consciousness and compassion. Instead of remaining a victim to our emotions and desires, you become a witness to your thoughts and words and actions. You witness yourself getting angry, or having untoward thoughts. The more awareful we become of these habituations, the faster will be the transformation of our individual thought and its after effect of harmony. We change because we observe who we are in reality. We gain clarity because we are cultivating the inner witness self while in silence or in activity.

For feedback on the Ahimsa Vow at work, excerpted from the commentaries of thousands of people world-wide who have taken the Vow, go to Vow Registry.

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